1. Why did you start Dive Boat Directory?
Dive Boat Directory was started to fill a void in finding a great dive boat anywhere in the world.  We are working hard to place as many dive boats in our database as we can and to keep it current.


2. Can I add my dive boat into your database?
Of course!  Just create an account and you will see a link where you can create a new listing.  Just fill in the information and it will appear in the directory as soon as it has been approved.  Which may take a few days, depending if we're out diving our not.


3. How much does it cost to put my boat in your database?
You can place a standard boat listing for FREE!  Costs nothing to promote your dive boat.  There is a premium listing for a minimal fee.


4.  What is the difference between a Premium Boat Listing and a Standard Boat Listing?
A Standard Boat Listing has fewer graphics, videos, and documents available.  And the Premium Boat Listing is listed as a Featured Listing.  And has a higher rotation on the index page.  Both listings are SEO enhanced and will rate relatively high on search engines.


5. Can I advertise on DIve Boat Directory?
You bet!  You can place a 728x90 Leaderboard Banner on top or below the page.  The Top Banners are placed above everything else and will be a bit more in price then the bottom banner.


6.  How do I pay for banners or premium listings?
You will be invoiced for any of these services.  You'll see the invoice appear automatically in your account menu under "View my invoices" where you can make a payment thru Paypal.

7. How do I claim my boat listing?
We have entered many boats to our standard boat listing.  If you are the person or company who has that boat and would like to "claim" it for your own, all that you need to do is register using the email address listed on the boats website and click on the "claim" link.  After reviewing, ownership of that listing will be yours.


If you have any more questions that has not yet been covered here, just CONTACT US!