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We support the responsible diver code and respect you right as a certified diver to dive in any safe manner you choose. Before diving on the Great Escape, you will be required to show your valid dive certification card and fishing license if you intend to take game.


Telephone: 866-348-3262
Boat Length: 80
Staterooms: 6
Double Bunks: 14
Single Bunks: 21
  • Galley
  • Air Fill
  • Multi-Day Trips
  • Single Day Trips
  • Heads
  • Showers
  • Free Parking


141 W. 22nd Street San Pedro, California, United States
To:  141 W. 22nd Street San Pedro, California, United States


  • BubbleHead
    07/23/12 15:56
    So far, The Great Escape is my favorite dive boat out of the Los Angeles area. The dive deck is huge and easy to get on the boat even with the heaviest tank. The crew is friendly. The galley is large and roomy. And the food is great. The sleeping area is always comfortable and has good noise insulation from the all night partiers.